Zirconium Crown

Zirconium Crown

Zirconium is a white alloy that replaces the gray metal that forms the base of classic porcelain bridges and dentures.

For more aesthetic purposes, such as advanced staining that can not be treated with methods such as bleaching, in the treatment of hereditary structure stains, in congenital gullets such as diastema or slightly overlapping or twisted teeth,
where orthodontic treatment is not preferred, teeth with old fillings where the structure and color are worn out, can be used as a bridge or coating on the posterior group of teeth, as an implant coating on the anterior group of teeth and in the implementation of “smile esthetics“.

Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain Crown

“Porcelain teeth” are teeth covered with fine porcelain to restore the natural appearance of the teeth.

It also provides increased strength and flexibility compared to natural enamel. It can also be considered the most preferred material for those who want to change the position, size and (or) color of the tooth

Laminated Teeth

The applied porcelain is produced as a thin layer. In this way the light transmission increases to the maximum and creates a solution close to the natural tooth structure.

The tooth surface is easily removed, so that the porcelain can adhere well to the tooth surface. When the tooth surface treatment, one can not speak of the “shrinking” of the teeth, since the abrasion is only slightly. This treatment is preferred by patients who regularly consume cigarettes, tea or coffee that discolor the teeth. After the application of the tooth coating, no further discoloration of the teeth by cigarette smoking or tea or coffee consumption occurs.

The durability of the laminated tooth surface is very high. Provides high abrasion resistance. A professional and carefully glued, laminated tooth does not fall off by itself. They are made of durable and durable materials.