Dental filling: Is the filling that is filled in the resulting cavity after removal of the diseased tooth substance.
To save the carious tooth, the caries is primarily completely eliminated and the resulting cavity filled with dental filler. This process is necessary to ensure tooth function.
To ensure a secure hold of the dental fillings, the treating dentist still has to perform downstream work in the resulting cavity of the tooth.What should be considered after a tooth filling:

After every dental treatment, it is important to pay attention to the health of the mouth and teeth and to live generally hygienic.

Inadequate dental care and cleansing cause teeth to deform and caries to form. Carious and deformed teeth may lose their function and cause unbearable toothache. In addition to the toothache you have to accept unaesthetic and bad looking teeth.

The accumulating food particles and bacteria in the interdental spaces lead to caries formation over time. Teeth, which can also be regarded as a mirror of the human organism, can lead to a variety of illnesses in the patient if they are poorly nourished and inadequately maintained.

If the dental caries found during the dental examination is not removed in time, the decay may progress to the root of the tooth and may need to be pulled. In order to avoid tooth loss and unbearable pain, a carious tooth should be treated as soon as possible. In this treatment, the carious areas of the tooth are cleaned and filled with special filling materials. By this measure, caries is removed and the natural function of the tooth is restored.

Amalgam – Metal Fillers: Are very durable and economical fillers that must be compromised in aesthetics. The filler is made by mixing 70% silver, 23% tin, a small amount of copper, zinc powder and mercury. The mixture is filled into the dentist’s prepared denture and cures completely within a few hours. According to current medical aspects, ideally suited for the treatment of wisdom teeth.

Tooth paints – porcelain, cements, composites – fillers: Aesthetic fillers that are not as resistant as amalgam and are mostly used in the treatment of incisors.

Inlays: Inlays are cast and fillers. After measuring the shaped cavity (cavity) for the filler, it is made in the laboratory from gold or porcelain and bonded to the tooth. They require special technical and very sensitive work.