Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is usually referred to as root canal treatment and is used in a damaged tooth nerve (pulp tissue) in order to obtain the defective tooth can.

A root canal treatment is usually referred to as root canal treatment and is used in a damaged tooth nerve (pulp tissue) in order to obtain the defective tooth can.

The goal of the dentist is in a root canal treatment, the preservation of a previously damaged tooth (tooth preservation), because a root canal treatment is a dental treatment resp. Conservative dental treatment in endodontics or endodontology and is often referred to only as root canal treatment.

The goal of root canal treatment is tooth preservation, even if the dental pulp is dead and the tooth is devital. A root canal treatment is also made if the tooth is still vital, but already strongly inflamed (tooth inflammation) and irreversible (not reversible) is called. However, toothache (tooth nerve pain) can also develop after root canal treatment, as the pain from the periodontal skin is typical of a freshly root treated tooth.

Procedure of root canal treatment

Tooth rooting aims to maintain a diseased or damaged tooth.

Before the dentist makes the procedure, he usually clarifies about possible risks and consequences. If the tooth nerve (pulp) is still active, ie not yet dead, local anesthesia is initiated. During the root canal treatment the patient does not feel any pain. The tooth is now drilled to the tooth nerve, the nerve is removed and the individual channels are rinsed with a disinfectant solution. In this way, bacteria that have lodged in the walls are eliminated. The doctor removes the inside of the tooth with small files.

During root canal treatment, X-rays are taken to assess tooth length and treatment status. If the inflammation has not progressed too far, the tooth can already be closed with dense filling material during the first treatment session. In resistant infections, the treatment may extend over several dates. In such cases, the tooth between the appointments is supplied with a drug insert.

After completing this procedure, the root-treated tooth is usually over-crowned to ensure long-term maintenance despite loss of substance.

How long the healing period lasts depends on the condition of the tooth before the treatment. The duration of the root canal treatment itself can take up to three hours.

Root Canal Price List

Root Canal Treatment (Each)
£150 | €175 | $200
  • If there are bruises on the tooth nerve,
  • If there are fractures that affect the nerve of the teeth due to trauma,
  • For advanced gum disease
  • In eliminating the sensitivity due to excessive wear of the teeth
  • Highly applied fillers or dentures should be treated with a root canal treatment.
  • The healthy tooth consists of the visible tooth crown and one or more tooth roots. Inside the tooth crown and the tooth root is the so-called pulp or tooth nerve which consists of connective tissue, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels as well as nerve fibers. The healthy pulp responds to irritations that can be triggered by dental caries or injury and react with inflammation. Intervening early by a dental treatment such as by removing caries and making a dental filling or an artificial tooth crown, the inflammation can heal again. If not prematurely intervened, the inflammation of the periodontitis, which may also cause gingivitis (tooth stomatitis), may progress, which may be associated with severe toothache, because initially an irritated tooth nerve causes toothache, as toothache always occurs when the tooth nerve is irritated. because the nerve is inside the tooth.

    As a result of the inflammation, the pulp may die off and a bacterial infection of the root canals or abscess may occur.

    The toxins secreted by the oral bacteria migrate into the tissue around the tip of the tooth root and often cause chronic reactions in the form of granuloma or cyst. In the worst case, the bacteria can infect the bony tissue in the area of ​​the root tip, resulting in purulent abscesses with a thick cheek.

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    2307 beverley rd brooklyn, new york 11226 u.s.
    2307 Beverley Rd Brooklyn, New York 11226 U.S.
    2307 beverley rd brooklyn, new york 11226 u.s.
    2307 Beverley Rd Brooklyn, New York 11226 U.S.
    2307 beverley rd brooklyn, new york 11226 u.s.
    2307 Beverley Rd Brooklyn, New York 11226 U.S.
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