With a comprehensive dental treatment in Turkey, you can often save thousands of pounds or euros without having to worry about sacrificing quality.

All materials and equipment comply with the EU standard, only the prices are up to 50% – 70% cheaper than in UK or Ireland or in Germany and in Switzerland. Our prices are fixed prices, dental fees, material and laboratory costs are already included.


Dentures are used to reconstruct intraoral defects such as missing teeth, missing parts of teeth and soft or hard structures of the jaw and palate.

Dentures (artificial tooth production) are produced when teeth are missing or when treatment with fillers is no longer sufficient.


The removable denture is used when, for various reasons, a fixed denture is not possible. Removable model cast prostheses or plastic dentures can be anchored on braces or support elements and support elements such as push buttons, bars, telescopic crowns (telescopic denture) or attachment to the residual dentition or on implants. Removable dentures improve the chewing ability of patients, helping to preserve lost muscle tissue through tooth loss. They improve the patient’s ability to better speak and pronounce the words, and above all, increase the self-confidence of the patient. Because when the patient starts to lose his teeth, he also loses his self-confidence over time.


Full dentures (removable): These are used in Toothless patients, and often in advanced age.

Partial dentures: A partial denture is inserted both fixed and removable. A partial denture consists of a gum-colored plastic base in the plastic teeth in position
The missing teeth are anchored and form a row of teeth. The partial denture replaces only a few missing teeth. The partial denture is attached with the help of brackets, telescopic crowns or attachments attached to remaining teeth. Dental implants can also be used as support elements. A partial denture can be completely removable or partially fixed. The base of a partial denture is often made of metal.

Prosthesis with precision holder (hybrid): Non-metal-supported prostheses that are applied to partially edentulous patients.

Hybrid prostheses: These are used in completely edentulous patients as a total denture.

Implant-supported prosthesis: Implant-supported prosthesis sits on dental implants

Fixed bridge: For a dental bridge, the adjacent healthy teeth are ground and crowned as bridge abutments.

Crown: In dentistry, the crown of the tooth is a natural tooth crown that protrudes from the gums into the oral cavity. Under dental crown but also the artificial crown is understood as a dental prosthesis, which is necessary in a destruction of the natural tooth. An artificial tooth crown becomes necessary when a tooth is severely damaged by tooth decay, abrasion or other causes, so that it is no longer possible to build it up with a tooth filling or veneer. With an artificial “crown”, the tooth shape and function of the affected tooth can be restored in the long term and protected against tooth decay.